Monday, September 1, 2008

Net Worth Update: August 2008

Well another month gone by and I'm actually posting this on the day it should be. Numbers go a bit wonky when you go from negative debt to positive, but we'll see what happens.

Assets - 2.0% decrease
Goal set: +2.0% increase

We went in the opposite direction on this one. This is due to the combination of vacation at the start of the month where my fiance wasn't getting paid, the freezer purchase, and the fact that my comics still sit unsold. However, I did make progress on that front as I have read Ebay's selling tutorial and have approached the manager of a new local comic shop in the area.

Goal for next month: let's try for a 2% increase this month as well

Debt - increased by a factor of 10

I had been paying ahead on future debt but the early payment of my tuition sure took me out of that cushy scenario.

Goal for next month: I might going to continue setting aside dollars for the debt to keep it somewhat under control, but because I'm going to get a 6 month grace period at the end of my degree and it won't really be for very much, I might put that money to better use.

Overall Net Worth - 14% decrease
Months of living expenses - 9.23

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