Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Plan

Recently I began my Bachelor of Education degree at the University of Prince Edward Island. In order to do so, I willingly accepted a debt burden in the form of student loans. However, unlike most people who use that money for both living expenses and tuition, I am hoping to cover basic needs with several jobs. Thus student loan dollars should only be going into tuition.

With that being said, I am hoping that my final assesment of the loan will give me enough to cover two-years of tuition so I don't have to reapply next year.

To keep track of the amount I owe, I plan to put the full amount of what I get into a seperate high interest savings account through PC Financial. Not only will it be easy to see how much is there, but I will be able to gain some interest before repayment time hits.

Finally, as part of a repayment strategy, I plan to start putting money into that savings account while I am still in school. I beleive with this plan I will be in good shape to pay off most of the balance relatively soon after obtaining my degree.