Thursday, September 4, 2008

Goals to Complete in 1001 Days

Here are my modified goals that I am actively working towards. You can read the thought process behind the change to some of them here.

1. Read the complete works of William Shakespeare.
2. Have $18,000 in savings.
3. Measure my body fat percentage in some scientific fashion.
4. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at a minimum of 4 times per week. 4a.Plan 1 week of suppers (the meal I usually over-eat on) in advance.
4b.Do not buy non-meal food outside of normal grocery shopping.
5. Get Married
6. Open an RRSP
7. Liquidate unwatched DVDs.
8. Liquidate old books.
9. Make homemade gifts for people for various events whenever possible and appropriate. Possible items include: paintings, hot chocolate mix, salsa, bread, tomato sauce, scrapbooks, hand-written letters, gift of time to help someone with something.
10. Walk/bike the equivalent of Summerside to Toronto not including every day
walking (620/1700 km).
11. Talk to Sam about his history with money.
12. Plant and grow my own tomatoes.
13. Vacation in Vancouver.
14. Become an Ebay seller.
15. Do 100 push-ups without taking a break (personal best: 32/100).
16. Spend at least 30 minutes each day with fiance that is engaging and meaningful to both of us (ie. not watching TV).
17. Help fiance's parents clean out a room in their house by taking pictures of sentimental items, compiling electronic photo album for it, and selling the actual item.
18. Offer to babysit 3 times for my friends so they can go out (0/3).
19. Plant a tree. Look at this for next summer as well
20. Determine my personal CO2 emissions (estimate)
21. Reduce those emissions by 20%.
22. Make 10 jars of homemade pasta sauce and give it as gifts (0/10).
23. Finish the few pieces of the puzzle for the paper based on my masters project.
24. Do 150 sit-ups without taking a break (personal best 0/150).
25. Add regular maintenance tasks for car onto the calendar and do them on that day (ie. wash and wax our car, clean and vacuum the car interior every 3 months, check the car's air filter and replace/clean if needed every 6 months).
26. Move towards a (mostly) vegan diet. My philosophy is to choose non-animal products as a preference when making food for myself and to create dishes for my fiance and I that are vegan that she can eat. I am not going to get hung up on not-eating animal products in other situations where non-animal products are unavailable to me (ie. I'm not going to not eat at a family function just because there is meat).
27. Purchase a filing cabinet and organize our files.
28. Pay off completely the debt I expect to incur over the next 2 years from my Bachelor of Education degree.
29. Obtain my class 4 license so that when I get a teaching job, I am qualified to drive a bunch of kids on field trips etc...
30. Catalog our possessions for insurance purposes.
31. Learn how to swim
32. Give Blood 6 times (2/6):
1. August 29, 2007
2. August 19, 2008

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