Saturday, April 5, 2008

Good news and bad news

The Good News

PC Financial sends out a form for tax purposes showing how much money you made in interest if it is over a certain amount! That was a fantastic surprise as we thought we would have to track it all and bring in slips when we got our taxes done. Very convenient service!

The Bad News

PC Financial's interest plus savings account, touted as the greatest in the land, has dropped their interest rates significantly from 4.10% to a paltry 3.35%. This is of course in response to the shitty dealings in the south. Boo-urns on that.

Expect a net worth update in a few days

Net Worth Update March 2008

Let's see if I reached my goals I set for this month, shall we:

Assets - Up 11.3%
Goal set: +4.2% increase

This one was sure blown out of the water wasn't it. Allow me to elaborate. Tax refund. Any questions? Without the refund though it only would have been a 3.9% increase. Time Horton's breakfast sandwiches will be my financial ruin. This vice should get better next month as I bought a box of green tea to remove my excuse for getting coffee. Conveniently this removes the very real possibility of getting a breakfast sandwich.

Goal for next month: A 2.0% increase should be doable despite less funds coming in during April. I'm not working at Resolve while on practicum so that takes a big chunk of our money. Once school is over, I plan to unload some stuff on Ebay to hopefully make up that difference.

Debt - Down 4.9%
Goal set: 6% decrease

I didn't quite make that, but I'm not worried. The only reason was not shuffling some of the extra assets around to cover this. In theory it's done, just laziness prevented it from becoming a reality.

Goal for next month: A 2.0% decrease should be ok as again, there will be less income for the month of April while I am on my practicum.

Overall Net Worth - Up 15.5%

We did great this month since we got our tax refunds. We need to not let this go to our heads and keep things up when we don't have such a windfall.