Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Nation

Post frequency has taken a bit of a dive in August as we were on vacation. Thankfully we are back and wallets are definitely lighter for it. We did not budget a cent for the 10ish days that we were off but I don't think we did too bad. The biggest thing was eating out during the week as well as gas for all the driving we did.

This year we chose to do a mostly local vacation with a tour of eastern PEI. We went from Charlottetown all around the eastern coast to East Point, then down to Montague and home. We also had a night of camping in the Cavendish area and visited with my fiance's family for a few days. The non local event was a trip to the Moncton Zoo with my fiance's sister and her nephew.

In terms of the cost of the week let's see how much we actually spent:
Confederation bridge: $41.50 - $20.00 from fiance's sister = $21.50
Zoo admission: $23.00
Campground: $28.93 after work discount
Gasoline: $145.73
Dining: $100.72
Firewood: $12.00
Total: $331.88

While this is much cheaper than some family's' vacations, we definitely could have done better on eating out. We splurged at the The Friendly Fisherman buffet in Cavendish (it was excellent) and tried a new pizza place in Montague called Old World Pizza (also excellent). I'm not going to worry about it too much since both places we something different and added to the enjoyment of the vacation, despite our guts being busted after TFF.

What really made the vacation were some very nice memories: playing horseshoes at the campground until it got dark, carrying a really heavy load of firewood to the campsite with my fiance, walking under the Confederation Bridge and seeing the future of energy production on PEI.

Note that other than the gas, these memories were created without spending much money at all and I endeavor to have more vacations like that.

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doug said...

Although it would require an investment in some gear you could consider a trip by bicycle.

You could see a lot of countryside, camp inexpensively and not spend any money gas.