Monday, August 4, 2008

New Worth Update: Double Whammy (kind of)

Well there was no update for June as I was struggling with how to represent my net worth in meaningful terms since I am paying ahead on future debt. I've realized that doing so can basically be thought of as extra assets and there is no real need for any major modifications. In addition to the net worth calculation, I am also calculating how many months worth of current living expenses we have.

June Assets - Up 2%
Goal set: +5.0% increase
July Assets - Up 0.1%

June saw a small jump in assets, whereas July barely moved. This is due to some extensive car repairs that took a chunk out of our emergency fund.

Goal for next month: a 2% increase should be reasonable, though we are on vacation now and will lose some income from that. This should be compensated by extra hours at work when I go back and I AM GOING TO SELL COMICS ON EBAY despite my previous procrastinations about it. However, we plan to buy a small chest freezer for the apartment which may null these increases.

June Overall Net Worth - Up 2.7%
June months of living expenses - 9.32
July Overall Net Worth - unchanged

I am looking at August to be a frugal month which should result in a good net worth increase.

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schaef said...

Hey John, you should do a blog about choosing said chest freezer, assuming there's anything to it besides just going to Sears and picking one out.

/64 slices of american cheese