Monday, July 21, 2008

Conundrum Resolution!

A few weeks ago I made my concerns known to the world about my receiver/subwoofer/surround sound system. Today I am pleased to report that I have the unit back and in operational order. Let's crunch the numbers to see how much it was to repair the unit.

This particular electronics shop charges a $20 fee + tax to look at whatever you bring in. Then if the repairs will cost under $100, they will go ahead and fix it, whereas over $100 gets you an estimate and the option to repair. In either case, the $20 is spent.
Deposit cost w/ tax: $23.10.

I brought the unit in to the repair place on July 8th and picked it up today, July 21. During this time I racked up $7.95 in parts and another $60 in labour.
Repair costs w/ tax and deposit deducted: $78.49.

As Schaef mentioned in the previous post, time as well as gas is a factor, especially since it was up west. When I dropped it off, I had to go down to Summerside for a dentist appointment anyways, so for that leg of the trip, I'm only counting kilometers and time from my parent's place to the repair shop and back. However, picking it up required a special trip.
Total km for drop off and pickup: 166.5 km. Based on out average 10.864 L/100 km that works out to 18.09 L of gas. At average prices for the time period of repair, total fuel costs are: $24.70.

Total Monetary Cost: $126.29.

Total Time cost: 186 minutes which includes driving, explaining the problem, and testing the device before paying.

Was it worth it? I think it was, since I have my system back with no worries about receiver compatibility with the speakers, and I'm not contributing to the cycle of consumer waste. When will I replace it? Likely when the cost to repair is more than replacing the unit with a completely new system, including speakers.

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