Saturday, June 14, 2008

Net Worth Update May 2008

A little later in the month than usual, but let's see if I reached my goals I set for May, shall we:

Assets - Up 4.7%
Goal set: +3.0% increase

A moderately higher asset increase than planned. I won't complain! This is due in part to keeping a reign on spending and you know, not purchasing $700 beds.

Goal for next month: I expect a nice bump in assets for next month since I'm getting a fair bit of subbing at island schools and I am back at Resolve full time. I am also going to try and unload some comics finally! As a bonus, I am resolving not to buy items that contribute to my "Latte Factor," such as chips, pop, coffee, muffins, etc... and really curbing my eating out at places like MacDonalds, Wendy's, and A&W. So let's go nuts and say a 5% increase.

Debt - Down 103.5%
Goal set: 2.0% decrease

Wow!!! WTF??? This month saw the total elimination of my current debt. How you might ask? Stay tuned...

Goal for next month: Well, this is interesting, isn't it? Since we aren't at the point where we are comfortable investing our savings yet, I may just keep adding to the bank account that will be used to fuel student loan payback as I will be accruing debt in September. This may be the topic of a future post. In terms of a goal, I think I will keep things simple and just focus on paying off the credit card consistently like I have been doing.

Overall Net Worth - Up 29.5%

That's certainly a hell of a bump. Next month should be back to more moderate increases.

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