Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Net Worth Update April 2008

Let's see if I reached my goals I set for this month, shall we:

Assets - Down 2.6%
Goal set: +2.0% increase

A reversal of numbers here. Again, as I mentioned last time around, I didn't make as much income in April because of practice teaching and I think I underestimated exactly how much that would effect things. Next time I know of something like that, a more detailed look at the numbers should be in order. As well, we took advantage of a furniture sale at Dow's furniture here in Charlottetown and upgraded to a nicer bed and boxspring which depleted most of our "big-item" fund. This was an unplanned purchase, but we saw it as a good opportunity to get rid of the ole' spring poker. On the plus side, we sold the old mattress and boxspring combo for $75 dollars.

Goal for next month: We'll keep things simple at a 3.0% increase in assets while the income streams come back under control. I will hopefully get around to selling some stuff on EBay, but this bump might not show up until June's update.

Debt - Up 1.3%
Goal set: 2.0% decrease

I didn't quite make that as I didn't pay off the credit card balance in full prior to the end of the month, which I usually do.

Goal for next month: Keeping things modest here too, a 2.0% decrease should prove doable, but if things took place that should have, a significant drop will be shown here next month. The details of that will be the focus of another post.

Overall Net Worth - Down 3.4%

Since we are in this for the long haul, months where there is a slight dip in net worth is really worrying as the general trend is onwards and upwards!

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doug said...

Good on ya for ya the update. I haven't had the opportunity to post an update but I do have the numbers.
You're right about taking the long term view to things. And when things go up again you'll be even more happy than if they were consistently rising month after month.

It's one of those psychological things.