Monday, March 3, 2008

Net Worth Update February 2008

Let's see if I reached my goals I set for this month, shall we:

Assets - Up 2.8%
Goal set: +5% increase

Yeah, so the idea of making February a frugal month? Didn't really pan out. Our expenses were almost identical to those of the previous month, though it was distributed differently. I purchased a expensive board game, there was an impromptu trip to Moncton, and dining out, while less frequent than it has been in several months, still reared its ugly head. Still, there was an increase.

Goal for next month: A 4.2% increase should be doable since I will be on practicum and the ability to eat out will be much reduced. As well, much of my time will be spent making lesson plans, negating my ability to go out and spend money.

Debt - Down 4.5%
Goal set: 4% decrease

I accomplished this goal rather easily despite not spending much less than usual. Paying off the credit card every week is a good idea that helps in this area and the little chunk I'm paying on the student loan is doing its work as well.

Goal for next month: A 6% decrease is more than what I did this month, but should still be achievable provided less money is heading outwards.

Overall Net Worth - Up 4.5%

Overall we did ok and we are still experiencing steady growth.


moneymusing said...

Looks like good work to me sir. Keep it up!

moneymusing said...

Keep the Net Worth rollin! Got a March update for us?